The Ocean Adventure

The Ocean Adventure is a game for Libero, developed by Hello There, that children and parents can enjoy together. Through 30 mini games, we follow a story that parents can read out loud, at the same time as the children play, making for a cosy time together.

I wrote the story of the game and decided on the main plot, laying out which mini games to be created. In the story, we follow five best friends traveling together through the ocean. Their goal is to perform on a great stage on the other side, with their band The Ocean Orchestra. On their way, they end up in all sorts of funny and crazy situations, which the children can play out on their phones or tablets.

Office: Hello There
Client: SCA

The Ocean Adventure, for Libero by Hello There

The adventure begins!

The Ocean Orchestra

Olivia the Outstanding Octopus plays the drums.

A few of the ten chapters in the story.

Wally the Wonderful Whale and Jen the Jolly Jellyfish