Vårdcentralen Centrum, Laholm

Vårdcentralen Centrum, a primary healthcare unit in Laholm, had been struggling with long waiting times, dissatisfied patients and declining numbers. The management decided to divide the patients into two groups – drop-in visits and booked visits – to solve the issue, but they were unsure of how to do it.

Together with architect Moa Carlsson and economist Patrik Olsson, I analysed the care centre’s operation. By interviewing and observing both staff and patients we got an idea of what was going on, and identified
so-called emotional touchpoints for the care centre. We also did extensive research, for example on other care centres with similar issues.

We then suggested a redesign of both the premises and the work flow, proposing a more patient focused operation. For example, staff and patient areas were divided, giving the staff peace and quiet on their breaks as well as shortening the distances covered by patients. The project was highly successful, and both staff and patients attested to an enhanced experience.

I functioned as the project manager, as well as offering a service design perspective. However, the project was done tightly within the team, sharing tasks and working together on most parts of the process.

Office: SVID
Client: Vårdcentralen Centrum

Emotional Touchpoint chart

Sketch of patient flow

New floor plan

Sketch of waiting room by Moa Carlsson